18354 Sharon Rd Repair & Strengthening 2012

Concrete Specialties / FRP Strengthening

OTB Contracting worked in conjonction with the Owner and the Engineer to develop the most cost effective approach to repair and strengthen a large residance for adults with special needs. The solutions adopted allowed for the work to be implemented while the structure was in use and combined multiple techniques such as CMU block repair and strengthening, Concrete works, Foundation enlargement and underpinning, structural steel and Fiber Reinforced Polymer Strengthening. The structure built in early seventies suffered from from the August 2011 Eartquake and its basement walls exhibited major cracking and deflection compromising it safety. OTB Contracting, intervened as the as the GC and self performed 100% of the works so to expedite the delivery an minimize nuisances to users.

Contractor: OTB Contracting
Architect/Engineer: Kline Engineering
Owner: INSIGHT, Inc.
Location: Triangle, VA
Completed: January 2012