Before all, OTB Contracting is an expert in the field of structural strengthening and repairs; therefore, we strive to become the partner of choice for owners and general contractors engaging in projects that involve rehabilitation, strengthening, widening and/or change of use in any kind of structure or building material. What we bring to the table is not only the highest level of quality in care and execution, but years of experience and hundreds of projects that taught us the winning strategies our clients can tap into through our collaboration. A young and nimble company, OTB Contracting offers the same capabilities that the biggest specialty contracting firms offer, but with higher reactivity, flexibility, and lower cost.


When the vast majority of projects require a unique specialty aspect, it allows us to show that through our recent growth and financial strength we can take the leadership position and execute the works directly as the prime contractor. OTB Contracting has a growing track record as being the primary contractor and our past experiences in managing subcontracts and trades gives us the confidence to grow this line of service even more. Our past affiliates are a key to our success and in order to increase project efficiency we consider our allocation of specialized work as a major component to our business

Engineer Assistance & Field Investigations

Although we have come a long way, we haven’t forgotten our origins. We still welcome opportunities to assist various architects and engineers who intend to tackle a future potential structural strengthening or repair project. OTB Contracting offers field assistance for investigation, material probing, load testing, or any other service a designer needs in order to establish a diagnosis and recommend a solution to a client. Our unique experience and position in the market makes us a great asset for the future evolution of projects.

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