Concrete Repairs & Restoration

Chloride penetration, freeze-thaw, and carbonation eventually diminish concrete’s natural protective reinforcement ability prompting cracks, spalls, and potential for structural deficiency or failure. OTB Contracting masters all concrete repair techniques as well as concrete strengthening methods that allow us to restore, preserve, and even increase capacity in order to achieve higher safety and extend the concrete’s lifespan.

The ability to execute any kind of repair and strengthening technology means that we will always be able to provide the most effective and cost conscience restoration solution tailored to the specifics of the project. Here are some methods we offer:

Steel Repairs & Strengthening

Our vision of becoming an all-inclusive structural strengthening and repair specialty company fueled a development of capabilities in structural steel work that now include most mainstream welding and bolting techniques available. The development of our welding, fabrication, and erection abilities in the field prompted an impressive development of our in-house fabrication methods which have pushed us to become capable in producing our own small components. Here are some methods we offer:

Jacking & Special Construction Methods

With dozens of jacking projects and hundreds of bearing replacements and repairs every year, OTB Contracting is the most prolific and experienced company in the area of bridge jacking, underpinning, and load transferring. Our ability to engineer our own means and methods allow us to provide a turnkey service and control every aspect of the operation. Here are some of the methods we offer:

Geotechnical & Foundations

Foundation problems are a major source of structural issues and safety deterioration. As a well-rounded repair and strengthening contractor, OTB Contracting is developing its geotechnical capabilities in order to grow its share in the foundation specialties and offer solutions to the root causes of many structural woes. Here are some of the methods we offer