Frederick Douglas Bridge 2010

Structure Jacking & Load Transfers

The Frederick Doulglas Bridge carrying South Capitol Street over the Anacostia River has both a lack of girder redoundancy and a hanger expansion joint detail that revealed fatal in the Past. DC DOT engaged the GC to perform emergency repairs and replacement of the 60+ years old hangers. OTB Contracting was hired to design, supply and operate the jacking system as well as assiting in the erection of the steel support system and the hangar replacement operation. After 4 weeks of erection, the eight hanger assemblies where replaced in less than 3 weeks with very limited distruption to traffic once verified after the first jackings the sturdiness of the system.

Contractor: Martins Construction Corp
Architect/Engineer: Amman & Whitney / Kline Engineering
Owner: DC Department of Transportation
Location: Washington, DC
Completed: September 2010