Long Quarter Pump Station 2009

Post-Tensioning Specialties

Designed, supplied and installed, the Additional Post-Tensioning system imgined by OTB Contracting provided a drastic increase in load capacity to the existing old reinforced concrete slab and beam system at a fraction of the cost compared to a traditional steel solution. The system was implemented extremely fast and could be accomodated between the forest of pipes and ducts without requiring any shutdown. Tendons consisted on 4 0.6”-270 Ksi monostrands grouted inside an external PE duct and stressed after curing which provide the highest level of multi-barrier corrosion protection. The anchors were encapsulated with plastic grout cap then concrete encased.

Contractor: Johnston Construction Company, Inc
Architect/Engineer: Rummel, Klepper & Kahl (RK&K) / Kline Engineering
Owner: Baltimore County Public Works
Location: Towson, MD
Completed: September 2009