VDOT I-495 Hot Lanes B634 Jacking 2012

Structure Jacking & Load Transfers / Substructure Concrete Repair

The straddle pier suffered major cracking and deflection due to a design error leading to a drastic lack in reinforcing steel. The repair strengthening/procedure suggested involved the construction of a new wall/beam under the existing pier cap, transferring of the dead load to the new wall the grouting the gap in between (cement non shrink grout) and repairing all cracks by epoxy pressure injection. OTB Contracting worked closely with the client to define the repair methods and was hired to execute the jacking & load transfer as well as the specialty grouting and crack repairs scopes.

Contractor: Fluor-Lane, LLC.
Architect/Engineer: VDOT
Owner: Virginia Department of Transportation
Location: Springfield, VA
Completed: August 2012