X-Sport Fitness Sport Club 2008

Post-Tensioning Specialties

The project consisted in the creation of a Fitness club on 3 levels of an existing retail space. OTB Contracting was hired by the GC to perform Post-Tensioning alterations for the creation of two new mechanical stairs slab openings and the enlargement of one staircase in a concrete slab post-tensioned with an unbonded monostrand system. Works were phased to avoid need for shoring and work was completed timely to the satisfaction of all team members. OTB Contracting was called twice for Post-Trensioning repairs of strands found broken or cut accidentally while drilling for plumbing penetrations for ne new construction.

Contractor: Costello Construction, Inc
Architect/Engineer: The Lukmire Partnership / K2N Crest
Owner: X-Sport Fitness Clubs
Location: Alexandria, VA
Completed: September 2008